Dap Cau Garment Corporation joint-stock company
Dap Cau Garment Corporation joint-stock company Dap Cau Garment Corporation joint-stock company (DaGARCO) as a Company under Vietnam Textile-Garment Company was founded on February 2nd 1967. DAGARCO has the right of direct export-import, and specializes in manufacturing hi-quality garment in keeping with domestic and foreign orders. DAGARCO has the system of administration granted with ISO 9001/2000 and carries out specialization in manufacturing various items. DAGARCO continuously maintains and improves the system of SA-800 social accountable standards.

DAGARCO specializes in manufacturing such garmens as various range of Jackets, feather coats, T-shirts, blouses, trousers, dresses, felt and knitted clothes, unifroms for both pupils and adults, sport clothes,....DAGARCO is capable of manufacturing 9,000,000 items per year (change into standard T-shirts).

DAGARCO has been using nearly 2500 alliances deriver from advanced countries as America, Japan, well as has a wide range of spencial modern equipment such  as the automatic system of machines for discharging cloth and cutting and electronic embroider machines, automaric machines for piercing pockets, and the system of ironing Jackets and coats, the computer system of designing.....

DAGARCO has 4 member- enterprises with 3000 officials and worker, including an enterprise which cooperates with SINGLUN cooperation (singapore).

Products of DAGARCO have been imported and rather famous in markers of 28 countries in the world such as America, Japan, Genman, France, Denmark, Sweden, Taiwan, Autralia....

DAGARCO is well prepared for cooperating domestic domestic and foreign parners in investment production of garment.

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