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Update: 24/03/2017
Update: 24/03/2017
Kính gửi: Quý Cổ đông Hội đồng quản trị CTCP tổng công ty may Đáp Cầu trân trọng kính mời Quý cổ đông đến dự họp Đại hội đồng cổ đông thường niên năm 2017 Thời gian: 9h00' ngày 08/04/2017 Địa điểm: hội trường tầng 2- - Trụ sở chính của công ty Địa chỉ: Khu 6 - Thị Cầu - TP Bắc Ninh - Tỉnh Bắc Ninh
Update: 10/11/2016
President Obama's invited Trump to a White House meeting on Thursday.
Update: 23/07/2013
Update: 16/07/2013
The historic win on Sunday has won the team a golden ticket to the World Cup in South Korea next year.
Update: 16/07/2013
(AP) - This morning, 15/7, City People's Procuratorate Vi Thanh (Hau Giang province) organized a public apology to Mr. Nguyen Thanh Trung - Veteran wrongfully convicted 23 years.
Update: 16/07/2013
Um on the green grass plots measuring several hundred square meters are considered "diamonds" in West Lake (Hanoi). This strange story is not rare by entrepreneurs, bosses "do not need the money."
Voluntary Youth meet single women to survive when the 13 team-sacrifice
Update: 16/07/2013
45 years have passed since the fall Voluntary Youth Day at school 13 tanks - before the U.S. made ​​"limited bombing" a few hours north. Traumatic memories that remain etched in the minds of the squad leader Tran Thi Thong.
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